The Institute of Statistics is a new administrative unit of division level at Nankai. Establishment of the Institute of Statistics was approved in Oct, 2013 as part of a reorganization plan of disciplines within Nankai, although the Institute was built upon an existing academic foundation, the Department of Statistics in the School of Mathematical Sciences. Department of Statistics was founded in 1999, which grew out of the discipline of statistics. As one of the pioneer of this discipline in China, it was initially set up in 1981 and started to enroll undergraduate, master and doctoral graduate students since 1983. The probability and mathematical statistics of Nankai University was evaluated as the national key discipline in 1987, 2002 and 2007 successively. The Statistics program of the Institute of Statistics is ranked 4th by the evaluation of China's Ministry of Education in 2012. The program for master of applied statistics is also ranked 4th in the most recent evaluation. The discipline of statistics is the key discipline of Tianjin.

In the Institute, there are programs for doctors’ degree and masters’ degree in the majors of statistics and a program for master of applied statistics. There is also a postdoctoral program in statistics. Among national academic institutions, Institute of Statistics has a great reputation in teaching, research and educating students and has a certain influence in the international community. Equipped with top academic capability and creative spirit, Institute has a well-balanced faculty team in age and specialties. There are thirteen teachers in the Institute of Statistics, including three full professors, four associate professors, four assistant professors and three administrative staff. Besides, there are more than ten adjunct professors and visiting professors. Our current full-time faculty is made up of experienced and excellent scholars; many of them have outstanding specialties and distinguishing research, especially on industrial statistics. Among the faculties, there are 1 member of the Subject Assessment Division of the Degree Appraisal Committee of the State Council, 1 chair professors and 1 lecture professors invited on Yangtze River Scholar Award program, 4 chair professors invited by Tianjin municipality.

The Institute is expected to experience rapid growth in the near future after it becomes an administrative unit. The Institute aims to strengthen the foundation research and encourage the novel statistical applications, with the focus of frontier research topics. The Institute aims to conduct theoretical research vigorously in Mathematical Statistics, and to encourage strongly the cutting edge research programs, and to strive for the integration with international research activities. The Institute is establishing four research centers, including Industrial Statistics, Data Science, Biostatistics, and Interface between Statistics, Economics and Finance.  The Institute encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and serves the research community of all disciplines in the era of Big Data. Making full use of its research strengthens and experiences, the Institute aims to develop close collaborative research programs with researchers from economics, finance, biology, insurance and other fields. Using statistical models and algorithms, the Institute aims to actively take part in multidisciplinary research activities and make significant social impacts.